Seriously? (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 12:01 (716 days ago) @ squidnh3

There’s no way to know this, but . . .

I bet if you removed supers from PvP, the score gaps between better and worse teams would be significantly larger.

It's vaguely do-able, in that you could get two teams of 4 (or 6) together and have them play 100 games, using all the same weapons/classes. Then gave them play another 100 games, but don't use their supers. If one team wins 60/100 games the first set, what happens in the non-super one? Personally, I'd say it could go either way. Do supers allow the weaker team to regain map control? Or do they allow the better team to consolidate their lead, or beat back advances at critical junctures? Does either result say anything about the ease of use of supers?

For me, it's a thought experiment that demonstrates what a worthless and loaded phrase "skill gap" is.

I’m actually not a fan of it either... I keep using it because it gets thrown around often enough that everyone seems to have a decently common understanding of it, but it’s not really a great term for capturing this stuff. And I haven’t been able to think of a simple word or phrase that’s better.

As I’ve said before, my personal problem with supers has nothing to do with the effect they have on the final outcome of a match. I’m more focused on the moment to moment gameplay where positioning and sight lines and map control are all being contested through gunplay and movement, and then this freight train just comes crashing through the whole thing and steamrolls over the part of the game that I love. And some of the supers offer far more reward than risk to the user (which is where the “skill gap” thing comes in, but I agree it doesn’t really capture the point correctly).

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