Seriously? (Destiny)

by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Tuesday, August 13, 2019, 14:28 (331 days ago) @ CruelLEGACEY

I don’t think you’re making a fair comparison though, because Special Moves in Street Fighter require far more precise timing and anticipation to use effectively. They can also be countered or avoided more consistently and effectively. If we had more counters at our disposal in Destiny, I’d probably be a lot closer to your side of the argument. But right now, certain supers are pretty darn close to a “win button” in any encounter.

Try Killer Instinct on XB1. There's a F2P version if you don't have Gamepass.
There is an option to make combos as simple as repeatedly tapping a button. You can hit the once-coveted Ultra Combo with almost zero effort!
Think that's a win-button, though? You're going to get destroyed by medium-difficulty AI, because chaining combos isn't part of the game's challenge, outplaying the enemy is.
Sure, it puts you in a uniquely advantageous position, and if you capitalize on it well, you can do very well... But you can be outplayed to the point where you never even get a decent combo going.

That’s not true of all supers. I don’t mind Golden Guns. They’re dangerous AF, but 1 headshot with my sniper rifle, and they’re down. Plus they’re moving normally, so it isn’t exceedingly difficult to do. Other supers, however, are totally forgiving in terms of their activation window, don’t require skillful execution, are super durable, and last for a long time. It’s not impossible to stop them or make a mistake with them, but they’re lightyears beyond anything in Street Fighter.

A lot of that comes down to player faults, though. Is it the enemy's fault that your team didn't bring a Suppressor? Is it their fault that you didn't control the Heavy ammo? Should the enemy be punished because you decided to team up with randoms without planning accordingly?

Next time, slap on some Peregrine Greaves, and bash a Super's head in. That'll stop yer cryin' real quick.

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