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Project Epsilon - mashing Halo and Destiny

Pyroman31 decided to see what Halo 3 would have looked like if its UI had been Destiny's. His reddit link contains a few screenshots... but also downloadable Mac/PC executables (built in Unity) that you can actually play with! Pretty amazing. Thanks, Matt!

TAGS: halo, UI
Claude Errera | Nov 16, 2016 12:49 pm | link

"Tenacious Design and The Interface of Destiny" Now Online!

UI Design

It took a while, but David Candland's GDC presentation on UI design (mentioned here back in March) is now online over at the GDC Vault! An incredibly in-depth look behind the scenes of what it took to bring Destiny's Director and UI to life, straight from Evil Otto himself. A highly recommended watch.

TAGS: UI, design, GDC
Korny | Apr 16, 2016 04:53 pm | link

The Evolution of an Interface

Last week, we mentioned that Dave Candland, UI Guru at Bungie, was giving a talk at the Game Developers Conference on Destiny's interface. The actual talk will likely be available at some point on the GDC website, but for now, you can swing by Kotaku to see some cool screen grabs showing some of the ideas the team went through before settling on what we currently know as the Destiny interface. Super-cool! Thanks again, Korny.

Claude Errera | Mar 17, 2016 03:40 pm | link

Tenacious Design and the Interface of Destiny

One of the Bungie talks to be given at GDC this year is a look at the UI design of Destiny, presented by longtime UI guru Dave Candland. The preview vid released to promote this is really fun (and contains lots of tidbits showing the evolution of the interface, for folks who want to pore over details) - go give it a look! Thanks, breitzen.

Claude Errera | Mar 4, 2016 11:39 am | link

Destiny UI wins 2015 Cased Award

AIGA, the professional association for design, hosted the 2015 Cased competition, and honored 15 design solutions that demonstrate the value of design. Destiny's User Interface was one of these solutions - congrats, Bungie! The writeup digs into how Bungie saw their challenges, and what they did to meet them; good reading! (There are also a bunch of links to articles that have been written along the way, in case you missed any of them.) Be sure to check out the rest of the winners, if you have interest in design - there are some spectacular entries in there!

TAGS: awards, ui
Claude Errera | Dec 13, 2015 10:48 am | link

Clarkesworld Talks With Writers of Destiny and Its Grimoire

vex.pngThis is a fascinating chat with some of the people involved with Destiny's flavor and lore (and a few writers from other games as well) and delves into how they got the job, challenges they faced with the medium, and even hints at some things yet to happen in Destiny's story. Seriously, read it!

Leviathan | Sep 3, 2015 10:07 am | link

Beating Skolas Over the Head


Oops, this one fell through the cracks, but thanks to Ragashingo for reminding us. CruelLEGACY posted an excellent strategy guide for taking on Skolas in the Prison of Elders a while back. But Skolas is still out there and breaking people's controllers so it's still relevant! Read this post - reference video included!

Leviathan | Jul 27, 2015 09:47 pm | link

Rethinking the Companion App

polygon.pngOver at Polygon, a Facebook product designer decided to take a look at the Destiny Companion App, with an eye to improving its usefulness to the average fan. Some of the ideas are really good! Go take a look. Thanks, red robber.

Claude Errera | Jul 1, 2015 02:27 pm | link

Fallout's PvP Guide - Bladedancer

Fallout stopped by with his latest Destiny PVP guide - this one focuses on the Bladedancer. Fallout gets fairly in-depth regarding the Bladedancer’s abilities and provides some tips on how to successfully use these abilities on the battlefield. Go cut some fools!

colindosaj | Apr 17, 2015 01:18 pm | link

Destiny Raider - Dedicated to Improving Your Raids

Community member CruelLEGACY has been working on a website (currently in beta) dedicated to thoroughly covering every nuance of Destiny's Raids. He just let the forum know that he has finished up a multi-part walkthrough of the Vault of Glass with text and videos (images and maps are inbound later).

As well as feedback, he's looking for contributions. Little reference guides to specific tools found in the Raids, tips and tricks, or anything that could be of help to a newbie or experienced Raider. This site is meant to be cumulative in its ambition, so visit the submission page to help out if you have the wisdom!

Leviathan | Jan 22, 2015 01:24 pm | link

DBO Fireteam Builder & Raidfinder

walk_of_solitude.pngAlthough its creator, Beorn, dropped a hint of this new tool a few days ago, there hasn't been a proper frontpage post on it yet!

With the new Fireteam Builder, you can help schedule an event with other members of the community to take down Atheon or Crota, or tackle other challenges in Destiny. Read this post for more details.

Another good reason to join the DBO community!

Leviathan | Dec 30, 2014 11:02 am | link

'We're going to grow the universe'

pike_vehicle.pngThe man who's stealing our jobs, Xenos, dropped us a note about (a.k.a Official Xbox Magazine)'s talk with Bungie at Gamescom regarding Destiny expansions. Bungie seems to have high ambitions to keep this world living and breathing, from free upgrades to paid-for heaps of content. Go read!

Leviathan | Aug 18, 2014 08:59 pm | link

Your Guide To The Sol System

Kermit pointed out an Amazon listing for a Destiny Limited Edition Strategy Guidedusk jacket and hardcover bound, complete with lithographs from Bungie, a fold out map, gallery of high-level armor, and you know.... strategy. And if I'm reading it correctly, different versions will come with different covers focused on one of Destiny's three classes.

Leviathan | Aug 10, 2014 09:48 pm | link

Getting to Grips with Destiny

inquirer.jpgThe Inquirer has posted a hands-on preview of the Beta (pretty impressive, given that they managed to get it online before the Beta went live for most of us). Go give it a read!

Claude Errera | Jul 18, 2014 12:10 am | link

Destiny Drawing Board: Conduit F3

What would a futuristic Bungie game be without a Fusion Rifle? Swing by to read about the Conduit F3, a weapon that needed damping to be effective ('unstable' is a bad descriptor for a weapon). This puppy has over-penetrating burst fire! Go read more about it.

Claude Errera | Oct 10, 2013 04:38 pm | link

Trailer goes live today

The Destiny CG trailer (hinted at a couple of days ago) drops today... get psyched! (VG247 has a bit of additional info; they were one of the sites that received a promo package from Activision about this. The bookmark, teased on the left, is referencing June 10, not October 6. A full-sized pic is available at VG247.)

TAGS: hype, building
Claude Errera | May 23, 2013 05:43 am | link

At Bungie, Even the Weather Reports are Epic

Only our Guardians of the Seventh Column can make a sunny day seem like so much more. From their Twitter feed:

"It's amazing how the light of the unshielded daystar improves the mood at Bungie sevenfold. People are blissed out to be wearing shades."

And people wonder why we love them...hope.png

GrimBrother One | May 6, 2013 10:52 am | link

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