Raids (Destiny)

by Oz Mills, Monday, May 06, 2013, 14:01 (4041 days ago) @ Cody Miller

While I occasionally lurk, it's becoming more and more apparent that you seem to be taking an "us vs them" approach to Destiny and those who are excited for it, and not seeing this forum as a community discussion among people who have disparate views.

There's every chance I'm missing the intent of this post, and it might be intended to be entirely humourous and not at all serious, but it does smack a little of an attitude in gaming communities that I've grown somewhat intolerant of over the past 10 years: That of an unwillingness to try new things and look forward to what has been previewed rather than a speculatory insistence that the upcoming new thing is going to be awful because of reasons only guessed at, or the fact that it's trying something slightly different to what a previous iteration did, Kirk vs Picard style. (IMO they both have their merits for entirely different reasons)

Now, this doesn't mean accept everything that's thrown at us, and it doesn't mean don't speculate. What it means is don't speak of an apocalypse where there is none, and don't shove away other members of the community simply because their view contradicts yours. Finally, don't see NuBungie as this "Evil group" who are going to "Steal your monies" because of the NuGames that are made these days. Your view is not the only one here, and some of us enjoy things that you don't.

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