Cody, you've WRITTEN game guides (Destiny)

by RC ⌂, UK, Wednesday, May 08, 2013, 12:59 (4028 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Maybe I suggested players should only consult the guide if they are horribly stuck.

You're such hero Cody. Simultaneously taking people's money and telling them they shouldn't use their purchase.

Maybe I feel the Portal 2 and Vanquish guides had a lot to offer beyond the hints, such as interviews with the developers, artwork, story analysis, etc.

Maybe the guides went beyond just telling players how to solve the game, and instead taught them how to extend their creativity to solve things in their own way, essentially training them to think outside the box beyond what's in the guide, especially considering they are obsolete hours after they are sold anyway thanks to the internet.

So you throw in some extras to sweeten the deal. Stand business practice. Obviously online communities that originally form around tactics discussion/trading can offer nothing even remotely comparable...

Did you even read any of them?

If you can decry Bungie's entire design philosophy based on a job advertisement for a mode you don't understand in a game you know very little about then...

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