Raids (Destiny)

by Kalamari @, Waiting for Ghorn, FB, and BH, Wednesday, May 08, 2013, 08:52 (4039 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Okay, here is my opinion about raids. Yes, people typically use information resources, such as youtube, to aid themselves in completing raids, but there are also some very motivated and competitive guilds/players that want to be the first to complete raid encounters. Usually, whenever a new raid instance was released for WoW, there would be somewhat of a competition among guilds in order to be the first to complete the new raid instance for bragging rights. Usually, these guilds don't have youtube as a resource for raid encounters, they have to figure it out with 15-40 of their guildmates.

Once these leading guilds have completed the raid encounter, they typically record their strategies and share with others. Then, others that don't want to spend their time learning encounters with 25 other people can substantially improve their odds of success by watching a video.

I think raids exist purely for the reason of keeping players paying MMO subscription fees. Developers need to keep players interested in the game by offering stronger gear to players. Raid bosses are just a means to distribute that gear, essentially they are just loot pinatas. Raids allow for the loot grinding to continue during the end game so players remain interested and continue paying subscription fees.

Honestly, I think raids tend to become more laborious than fun. They are fun to play once or twice, but they seem to lose their appeal once you see what they are. I would rather spend my time playing a fun competitive multiplayer mode, playing raid instances over and over again in order to receive better gear doesn't appeal to me.

But, maybe Bungie knows a way to make raids more fun than a traditional MMO.

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