Raids (Destiny)

by Cold, Wednesday, May 08, 2013, 13:13 (4039 days ago) @ BOLL

Ah, skimming the thread I realize most things have been said, but I have to use that year I lost to hard core WoW raiding in some way.


This thing with raids sure does make me wonder how Destiny will actually play. I am not going to play a slow MMO like WoW again, the skill ceiling was fairly low, the real ceiling was knowledge about the encounters and the gear you had. The whole point becomes the grind towards better gear to make your character more capable, something that restarted every expansion. I really hope Destiny will work different somehow... o_o

I strongly believe the syrupy slow pace will naturally be fixed by a smaller "raid size". Scholo and Strat were more playable/quicker/doable primarily because they were 5 man instances, not because they took less player skill or less knowledge of the fight.

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