From your "Rewards" Thread: (Destiny)

by kapowaz, Tuesday, May 07, 2013, 02:38 (4040 days ago) @ ncsuDuncan

Right. Because everyone enjoys the exact same thing.

You're the guy standing at the entrance of Molten Core telling each 40-man party: "Remember, you're not having fun unless you figure it out yourself!"

This is a straw man argument.

Cody isn't saying that the entire encounter will not be fun, he is merely pointing out that if a mechanic is difficult or not fun to learn in-game, some players (in my experience based on WoW, most players) will not bother with learning it in-game and instead defer to game guides, videos etc. At this point, there is no gameplay value to having to the learning/discover phase of gameplay, and as he quite rightly points out, Bungie might as well just tell you how to do it, which is manifestly not fun and therefore it is not worth doing.

The rest of the experience may well still be entertaining (this is why most people still did enjoy Molten Core in spite of them mostly learning it through videos, guides etc.) but it seems like misguided effort to focus on something that only a tiny minority will benefit from.

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