Raids (Destiny)

by Stephen Laughlin ⌂ @, Long Beach, CA, Tuesday, May 07, 2013, 14:32 (4040 days ago) @ Mr Daax
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I hope that makes sense and I explained that well. I think if Bungie can make the RAIDs challenging, rather than hard, that everybody is going to have more fun with them.

I normally sit in the background on discussions pertaining to gameplay mechanics. It seems that everyone covers all the angles of the discussion, and then some, and I prefer just to read everyone else's input on the matter. What you just said here I think made great sense, and I really like your point at the end there, Cody. I have no MMO experience, but from what I understand of them (if Destiny is indeed MMOish, and if it's RAIDs are the same as other MMO RAIDs) then I really hope for more of a challenge and less of a grind.

Totally in agreement here. I never made it to the end-game raids in WoW so what BOLL describes sounds new to me and honestly pretty tedious. I loved playing through Legendary in all the Halo games. I do enjoy a challenge, but ideally it would come mostly from map design and the tactical placement of a variety of enemies that force the player to adapt and consider alternate strategies rather than just artificially boosted stats. It's a valid concern. Still, it's easy to spin that job description to sound like something it's not; I'm pretty sure Bungie isn't setting out to design encounters that are not fun.

Another question this brings up is whether or not (or to what extent) enemy difficulty will scale to player's ability. A broken level scaling system can really shit up an otherwise decent game (see: Oblivion).

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