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by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, May 07, 2013, 07:41 (4040 days ago) @ kapowaz

The rest of the experience may well still be entertaining (this is why most people still did enjoy Molten Core in spite of them mostly learning it through videos, guides etc.) but it seems like misguided effort to focus on something that only a tiny minority will benefit from.

[emphasis mine]

You're making the assumption that the parts of the encounters that need group solving 1) make up a significant portion of the action, and/or 2) took the designers a lot of time and effort to implement.

I remember talking to Dan Miller about the eggs he stuffed into New Alexandria - things like the rave in Club Errera, and the flyable Pelican. These things were REALLY hard to figure out on your own - I'd say 99.9% of all people who actually experienced them in-game learned how to do them from online videos - but insanely enjoyable. If they'd been left out because Dan KNEW that most people wouldn't ever find them by themselves, we'd lose a pretty fun piece of Reach. They also didn't take him a whole lot of extra time - some, yes, but it wasn't where he focused his efforts.

I would hold this up as an example of why Cody's misinterpreting that original statement, and why this sort of thing isn't even REMOTELY 'misguided'. There are plenty more.

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