Raids (Destiny)

by Stephen Laughlin ⌂ @, Long Beach, CA, Wednesday, May 08, 2013, 14:21 (4039 days ago) @ urk

While we're on the subject of job descriptions, does Bungie really ask their producers to juggle chainsaws?


"If you have an amazing attention to detail and can juggle chainsaws, chew gum, and write a sonnet at the same time, then you might be just right for this team."

I mean, the gum chewing and sonnet writing seems pretty normal but the rest sounds super dangerous and I bet it violates several OSHA standards and practices.

Is this really the way producers think? Stay on your toes guys; don't succumb to this.

I will admit that I know very little about chainsaw juggling, so maybe someone could educate me a bit about such activities. Is it common to put yourself in such mortal danger to work on the production team at Bungie? How much skill does it take? Can you learn it on your own, or should you join the circus?


"As a Job Description Designer you will work around paranoid fanboys to create memorable, bond-building descriptions that potential job applicants will scour YouTube to defeat."

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