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by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Monday, May 06, 2013, 16:01 (4040 days ago) @ Cold
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In the past few years "Reading the strats" has come to include, almost exclusively, "watching" the strats. Perhaps I should get with the times as far as my terminology goes.

Anyway, his statement, as someone has already suggested (to your disapproval and insult), seems more like a reference to how difficult (more precisely: how multifaceted) they want the boss fights to be.

I ask you this: What do you think would be the better boss fight? The one that has been YouTube'd 100 million times or the one that doesn't have a YouTube video.

Again, if nearly all of the guilds read the strats when it comes to raids, then this means they do not want to figure it out on their own. Maybe it's time consuming or frustrating. I don't know. The reason doesn't matter. And so, since nobody really wants to work it out, why not just tell everybody how to do it in the first place? Because that would be stupid of course. So a game in which the majority of the people just read the strats all day long is just as dumb as a game where the developer just tells everybody the optimal strategy up front.

How do you make a game that isn't stupid? You make one that have challenges folks actually enjoy figuring out…

What if Bungie told you how to get all of the easter eggs? Isn't that pointless? How is that any different than youtube telling you how to beat the bosses?

All other things being equal, obviously the boss fight with zero videos.

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