Raids (Destiny)

by Cody Miller @, Music of the Spheres - Never Forgot, Tuesday, May 07, 2013, 12:02 (4040 days ago) @ BOLL

Ah, skimming the thread I realize most things have been said, but I have to use that year I lost to hard core WoW raiding in some way.

Endgame in vanilla WoW was like this. The raids were scaled as such that they were _reaaaaally_ hard, you could spend a month trying to down a single boss, and this even with having checked guides. It was mostly slow because you had to grind a raid until your group had good enough gear to get through it all, and in WoW there were lockout timers so you could not just restart a raid.

Thank you for your post.

From the sound of it, these types of RAIDs are hard, but not challenging.

Hard is basically how hard something is to do. Lifting 200 lbs is harder than lifting 150 lbs. To make it harder, you just add more weight. You're still doing the same thing it's just harder.

Challenge is the skill set you need to do something. Playing Chess is more challenging than Checkers, because the pieces can move in more complicated ways.

So it's like, you can make a boss harder by giving him more hitpoints, or you can make him more challenging by giving him additional attacks or strategies. When he's harder, you just do what you do for longer, but when he's more challenging you have to master new skills to avoid his attacks or exploit weaknesses in his strategy.

I hope that makes sense and I explained that well. I think if Bungie can make the RAIDs challenging, rather than hard, that everybody is going to have more fun with them.

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