Raids Difficulty (Destiny)

by ferrex, Saturday, May 11, 2013, 17:05 (4036 days ago) @ kapowaz

You're mistaken about the nature of raid difficulty in Classic WoW. Encounters at equivalent points in progression have grown in mechanical complexity with every expansion.

Classic difficulty came from stiff gear checks, which the raid designers of the time could very finely tune due to the relative simplicity of the available gear content. Compounding this was that the only way to get better gear was to beat the bosses that required slightly worse gear in the first place.

As someone who led raids from BWL to MSV, complexity and "gimmick" mechanics have become more prevalent over the years, but so too has the availability of alternative gear sources that allow players to gear past encounters.

As far as YouTube goes, you don't watch YouTube and then one shot any encounter (except maybe Morchok.) You still have to execute. Speaking as a raid leader,
go watch the Tankspot vid" is not so that they can execute the fight--only practice accomplishes that. It's so that I can skip spending 30 minutes explaining mechanics (that are in many cases only relevant to certain players) and get to the playing part.

Why not build encounters that still culminate in exhilirating, hard earned success, but require no explanation? If you can consistently pull that off, apply for the position. ;)

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