The Current Status of the Forums (DBO)

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Monday, January 22, 2018, 13:49 (2272 days ago)

This post is sure to cause a lot of divided feelings on the forum, but given the current mood of the forum, the administrators have decided to try something new. We do not want to discourage criticism as a whole on the forum, however we feel that the current deluge of negativity is taking over the conversation entirely. This is evident even when, from our own experience, the majority of the population does not feel the same way and are being discouraged from posting.

So, starting today, we are implementing a Criticism Category on the forum. If you wish to not participate in criticism of Destiny, then you do not have to follow the Category (simply select or unselect the Category in your settings page, you might want to check which it's set to now), while those that do wish to discuss the game in a critical way can still do so. If we find that a topic is pure criticism of the game it will be moved into the Criticism topic. If a topic that did not start critical becomes vastly critical it will be considered and possibly moved to the Criticism Category.

I just want to reiterate. This is NOT to discourage critical talk on the forums. This is to encourage the group of people who have become quieter over the last year (or more) because of the negativity to re-engage and feel comfortable discussing the game in a positive light.

We'll also be looking out on the forum for the response to this change and may make additional changes based on what we see.

Edit: INSANEdrive requested a little more information for people unaware of the situation on how we made the decision be made public, see this post for it.

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