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by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Monday, January 22, 2018, 19:50 (2308 days ago) @ Harmanimus

So, I only have one thing I want to respond to right now.

the number of times I’ve seen anyone post about Destiny in a way that I would describe as “toxic” or “venomous”.

So, this is going to use a Document Classification analogy because it is the clearest way for me to present the thought.

You start with a document. You know that there is nothing contained within the document which is explicitly classified. Nothing falls under the banner of "Confidential" or "Sensitive" or "Secret." So that document gets lumped in as "Unclassified." This occurs for the next 49 documents on the same subject. They are all "Unclassified" and they do not appear to be particularly problematic on their own.

So any individual document is Unclassified. However, once you bring those together as aggregated data, the combined information stored within may increase that classification level to "Secret" due to these combining factors.

So, while any individual post might not be of particular toxicity or very venomous, when taken as a whole the aggregation of the posts together is clearly more toxic and venom-filled than any individual item would imply.

That’s a great point, and I’m sure what you’re describing is playing a part in what people are feeling.

I just wanted to say, for what little it’s worth, that I have encountered a sort of hard-lined “Bungie defence squad” that has, on occasion, quickly resorted to personal attacks and efforts to silence people who were making respectful criticisms of the game itself. I don’t bring this up to negate or dismiss anything that anyone else is saying. I just hope that in our collective efforts to help keep DBO the kind of place we all love to visit, that we try to improve in every way that we can.

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