The Current Status of the Forums (DBO)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Monday, January 29, 2018, 13:01 (2274 days ago) @ Xenos

Well shit, has it gotten that bad?
I checked out some time ago but it wasn't so much the negativity about the game as it was the negativity towards other users and the way it was all so predictable and unchanging. (Speaking openly, some of the unflichingly positive posts and posters also grated on me, but most of the time that was paired with them being negative to people who disagreed which is more annoying.)
To the people flying into a rage or worrying for the future, please don't. If b.org is defined by one thing (besides being stubborn), that thing is a light hand. The initial post and clarifications made it clear no bans or suspensions are being handed out and this is still one cohesive forum.
I don't think anyone (aside from maybe one or two people) would be complaining if this had been the policy from the beginning. It's also worth noting that people can and do already avoid threads that they don't like, so this doesn't create an echo chamber to any significant degree beyond listing thread titles, post titles, and people who posted, which are what people base that avoidance on now. You can whine about people who whine about seeing negative thread titles, and that's valid in a way, but let's remember it's all whining and none of it really matters. What matters is real, meaty, non-whiny conversation.
and frankly everyone talking about a slippery slope can fuck right off for the reasons above, the fact it's a fallacy, and just the fact I disagree with it that strongly

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