Are you going to get over yourself anytime soon? (DBO)

by Earendil, Monday, January 22, 2018, 16:14 (2273 days ago) @ Korny

Yeah, this seems like a way to lump criticism into a pit. Is your post not part of the pro-Destiny circle-jerk? Into the blocked-out category you go!

Blah blah, censorship, blah blah lazyness, blah blah snowflakey.
I get that the atmosphere in the Destiny community in general has (understandably) skewed towards the negative side, and some of that dispirited feeling has found its way to the forum, but this seems like a long-term problem in the guise of a short-term fix for the way folks have been feeling lately.

Trying to control how much people can express themselves is a bit of a no-no in decorum, especially when they aren't violating any of the forum rules.

If you want to moderate, that's fine, but to essentially toss anything that isn't praise aside falls under so many red flags when it comes to having a community.

First, your reading comprehension is questionable.
Two, I'm noticing a distinct lack of critical thought, suggestions, or faith in our community. What I'm reading here is more akin to bitching and moaning about an invented future that hasn't come to pass. It drips of venom without being helpful accept to question the Admin's intentions. I'm sure they aren't trying to destroy the community, mmkay? So *TRY* and relax, take a deep breath, maybe say something positive or hopeful in among the conspiracy theories, and tone down the venom a tiny bit? Maybe suggest an alternative course of action? Be constructive?

I've read enough from you in the past to know you CAN think a thing through, come up with pros and cons, and deliver them in kinder words than you just did. Instead your post came off as insulting to this community and I would assume, a bit insulting to the admins that are working to try and make this a better place.

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