So... The mods are to DBO what streamers are to D2? ;p (DBO)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Monday, January 22, 2018, 18:17 (2272 days ago) @ Revenant1988
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As a moderator, you are essentially required to screen every post. If you are at the point where you are tired of reading complaint after complaint (and that is a totally valid feeling, btw) perhaps you should stop moderating, as you may not be up to the task at its most extreme ends of the spectrum.

I’m half being a jackass, half musing out loud... but I think you’re possibly hitting on something that’s as relevant as it is ironic (given my earlier comments about streamers feeling so down on D2 because they won’t let themselves walk away from it when they’re not enjoying themselves).

I fully sympathize with anyone who is feeling burned out by the forums. I can’t say I relate, though. I don’t post as much as I used to, but I still visit every day. I check out every thread, but I don’t read every post or follow every tangient. If someone posts an in-depth critique and I’m not in the mood to read it, I don’t read it. I approach DBO the way I approach D2; I jump in when I’m in the mood, and stay as long as I’m having fun, not a moment longer. As a former forum mod, I’m fully aware that the mods here at DBO have a certain responsibility to read as many of the posts here as they can.

A few other random thoughts/observations, all in the spirit of discussion:

“I find elements of Destiny to be too difficult. That's an honest opinion. When I state that opinion here, I often get jumped on hard by this community. Which is the more negative, my comments or the replies to my comments?” - Deep_NNN

I can relate to Deep’s comment here. The majority of the most negative or venomous posts I’ve read at DBO have not been posts that were critical of Bungie or Destiny. Rather, they were posts written in response to other members’ criticisms. The number of times I have seen personal attacks thrown at somebody for saying they don’t like something about a videogame far exceeds the number of times I’ve seen anyone post about Destiny in a way that I would describe as “toxic” or “venomous”. I totally get that nobody likes to see something they love get criticized by others. I’m no different. But even the most repetitive criticisms about the game that I read here at DBO are almost always well thought out and calmly expressed, regardless of whether or not I agree with the post itself.

”...there are multiple others who have already stepped away or who rarely stop by because of the way things are now. Fact is, DBO has a serious problem. And if there was going to be a change or self-moderation it would have happened by now.” - Ragashingo

I think this comment by Ragashingo and Claude’s post that triggered this discussion both fit together in my brain in a way that brings a question to mind:

Are the kinds of posts currently being made at DBO really the problem, or is it what’s not being posted?”

I feel like during the early days of D1, DBO was filled with just as many criticisms or complaints about the game. But there was lots of other stuff being posted as well. It rounded-out the overall tone of the forums. But these days, people just don’t seem to get excited about Destiny in a way that makes them want to write positive/fun/creative posts as often. And it isn’t self-evident to me that it’s completely the community’s “fault”. I don’t say this as a criticism of D2 or anything like that. I’m just making the observation that many of those who say they love D2 don’t seem to get excited enough to talk about how much they love it as often as they used to. I include myself in that group. And on the flip side, I can’t fault any Bungie fan for feeling confused/disappointed/frustrated by some of the missteps that have occurred recently. So I can’t fault Destiny fans for wanting to talk about it. There are times when I see a new thread and think to myself “I’m not sure we needed a whole new thread dedicated to this”, but I just skip it and move on. As I said earlier, perhaps that’s the key, or at least part of it?

Finally, regarding the addition of a “criticism” category:

I totally get why some people are against the idea. But I see it this way. If the current situation is making many long-time members feel like they need to move on (including Claude of all people) then what’s the harm in trying it and seeing how it goes? We can always revisit the issue in a few months and see if it’s helping as intended, or causing problems, etc.

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