I'm astounded you have the gall to call anyone a snowflake (DBO)

by Robot Chickens, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 13:29 (2281 days ago) @ Korny
edited by Robot Chickens, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 13:40

It's funny that people resort to that kind of name calling when they're often the most sensitive person in the conversation. This has clearly triggered you.

Kermit is correct. You have a profound misunderstanding of why anyone would want to use a filter.

I think you miss the point of the filter, though. I think I might speak for others when I say that if I were to use it, it would not be to hide anything that doesn't conform to the way I want to think, it would be that I've already heard the criticisms dozens of times often from the same people. The cumulative effect of that is the source of the toxicity, in my mind, and THAT'S what wears me down, personally.

It's not about people being snowflakes as you call it. It's so people have the choice to manage the intake of unproductive arguments about a video game (not health care, or social justice issues etc). And it ins't just because people disagree, it's the way those arguments are often framed.

It's also hilarious to me that you perceive yourself to be fighting some war against "The Man" who wants to censor you and your free speech. I've mentioned my own discomfort with the filters, but you're going downright conspiracy-theory-nutcase on us over it (Xenos is waiting in the wings to oppress free thought!). While doing this, you fail to meet the basic modicum of respectful discourse. That is the worst part of it for me. You're clearly a bright guy. I agree with a lot of your ideas/concerns. But damn, you have zero respect for anybody. The way you frame things doesn't invite conversation or any sort of back and forth. You attempt to make people out to be fools if they don't agree with you. That's just kind of a lame/lazy form of argument. I understand wanting to tune that out.

For the record. I like A LOT of what you bring to the table. You do things for the community and I love your enthusiasm. I'm just focusing on this conversation and your pattern of engaging in arguments.

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