The Current Status of the Forums (DBO)

by Schooly D, TSD Gaming Condo, TX, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 12:25 (2368 days ago) @ Xenos

People are going to make negative posts or make negative statements in non-Criticism threads. And now that you've made some people feel entitled to a negativity-free DBO they will have problems with that.

I don't know what the correct solution is though. Part of the problem may be the forums and its admins are still tuned for a different era of games: Halo had a few releases and rare updates, so when something was added, changed, or removed, people would get pissed off and leave pretty quickly since the game and what could be expected from it was more static.

Destiny is more like a subscription service. And due to the frequent updates and edits, things are going to piss people off more frequently.

If the goal is to retain the people who avoid this place due to negativity the best option may be to go whole hog and put rules on the books prohibiting criticism. You might be surprised how many of the problematic posters stick around and obey.

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