For what it's worth (DBO)

by Harmanimus @, Monday, January 22, 2018, 17:27 (2283 days ago) @ Revenant1988

A forum NEEDS those kinds of clashing opinions and incendiary POVs, because the foster discussion and learning.

And those things aren't going away. But when it really comes down to it:

But if this is going to be a forum where we even have the OPTION to filter out views and opinions different than our personally held ones, I'll have no part in it and this is where I get off.

There is already a lot of discussion, content, and sometimes people who I will mentally filter out. And given the general state of presentation and that fact that most of the views/opinions being expressed negatively are not new I don't think it is unfair to pass them by if people aren't going to be constructive with it. But no one is flagging their posts (+) or (-) for folks like we would for (sp) so folks have to make their own judgement calls.

At a point I think it is more unfair and worse for the community to force people to wade through discussions that they will not contribute to and derive no benefit from than it is to allow them to slice them off during their hobby and entertainment times.

Hell, p sure most of the forum has a mental filter for Cody.

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