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by Korny @, Dalton, Ga. US. Earth, Sol System, Monday, January 22, 2018, 16:03 (2283 days ago) @ breitzen

Yeah, this seems like a way to lump criticism into a pit. Is your post not part of the pro-Destiny circle-jerk? Into the blocked-out category you go!

You can interpret it that way (I’m not sure how if you know Xenos and the other Admins)

I may have interacted with them once or twice.

Blah blah, censorship, blah blah lazyness, blah blah snowflakey.

Censorship, by moving a thread to a more appropriate category? That’s not censorship. And remember its opt out. Just like people can opt out of my Taylor Swift (Off Topic) threads.

You know exactly what it is, and how it's different than an off-topic thread. It's essentially saying that even if the thread is relevant to Destiny (you know, in the correct category), because someone doesn't want to read any criticism, the entire post is tossed into the same pile as the vitriol that some people might want to legitimately avoid, so there's that looming over everything that you do when you want to start a topic.

I get that the atmosphere in the Destiny community in general has (understandably) skewed towards the negative side, and some of that dispirited feeling has found its way to the forum, but this seems like a long-term problem in the guise of a short-term fix for the way folks have been feeling lately.

Trying to control how much people can express themselves is a bit of a no-no in decorum, especially when they aren't violating any of the forum rules.

Again, it doesn’t seem like you actually read the post, no one is limiting what you say anymore than our general guidelines do now.

Xenos clearly explained that if he or another admin deems your post critical, they'll move it over. Now people will be like "I better make sure that I don't say anything too critical, or Xenos the Menace will strike, and my thought-out post will be hidden from members in the community whose input I'd enjoy reading."

If you want to moderate, that's fine, but to essentially toss anything that isn't praise aside falls under so many red flags when it comes to having a community.

I think Xenos mentioned earlier that many people probably won’t turn off this topic, but it gives some in the community the ability to enjoy the community aspects of this site without wading through what they find distracting and depressing threads.

Kind of funny how weird the idea of implementing questionable things is, when you defend those choices with "people probably won't use it".
How well would that fly anywhere else?

Sure, I roll my eyes at overly critical posts all the time, but I say that this solution is stupid, and might hurt the forum in the long run, just because a few admins don't want to moderate like admins are supposed to do.
And we don't have blatantly toxic people here who only contribute negativity. People who are being critical feel discouraged, because they want the game to succeed, and they want Bungie to do better. If there is a line being crossed, it's up to the people on the forum to express this. Claude already has, and he did a good job of explaining himself (though the message seemed to go over some folks' heads). That's all that was needed. Not a "You can ignore these people who aren't 100% satisfied!" category.

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