I agree with several of your points but... (DBO)

by General Vagueness @, The Vault of Sass, Monday, January 29, 2018, 17:41 (2275 days ago) @ Claude Errera
edited by General Vagueness, Monday, January 29, 2018, 17:44

remember this forum guideline?

"Be nice, damn it!"

I'm confused, what part of what I said goes against that?

thank you for reminding everyone you're a dick


I'll direct you to the Cody Miller Memorial School for the Opinion Challenged.


you can fuck off


the fuck are you even saying?


and frankly everyone talking about a slippery slope can fuck right off


I wish these were all directed at the same person; at least then I could pass this off as "oh, he's just mad at X"

that's valid, but he replied to the post where I was saying a lot of other stuff, that's why I was confused
I'm not really speaking differently from how I used to, and if it wasn't for the hard links (term?) in this forum that would confuse people it would've only been one or two posts
I'm not mad at anyone (save for one person for a while earlier for acting superior), I'm just being snarky, I'm sorry if it's coming off as mad
but yes, it does have more impact all put together like that, and yes, I could've been more measured, although I will stand by the points made in every post linked
edit: I noticed most of what you quoted has "fuck" in it, you didn't think I was overstepping lines and getting overly mad just because of the swearing, did you? that's nothing new for me or the forum

oh and so as not to make more posts to clutter things:
Kermit, thank you, your support and opposition are both noted and appreciated
korny, you're like Anakin Skywalker with that last post (I'll leave the interpretation to the reader) and you're now trying to stir up shit further, and I'm done with it

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