Further clarification as requested (DBO)

by Earendil, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 08:52 (2308 days ago) @ Korny

Having read every comment (because, you know, I don't just want to hide under a rock from the scary people who disagree with me),
That's such a stupid argument, man. Let's apply it to real life:

And I already know that it's by Thread, not by individual post. I never said anything that implied that. Still, with an admin's itchy finger on the trigger

See, you're whining about all this negativity,

It's an overreaction triggered by Claude feeling exasperated by the general negativity all around.

I understand exactly where Claude and others are coming from, and so a dialogue is needed.

Throwing in a filter todrown out dissenting opinions (remember that you specifically chose the term "Criticism") is not the solution.

and a couple of the admins who don't even engage around here anyway decided that theyautomagically know what's best for the entire community.

If Claude agreed to it, then it's whatever, because it's his forum (though from the way he worded it, I don't get the feeling that he had the final say). But I say it's discouraging, and will just make folks think twice about starting their own threads if they're not here to sing songs about Bungie.

I'll call an elephant an elephant. You post is chalk full of condescending words and phrasing. You ask zero questions of Xenos or the community, you posit no solutions. You claim to understand the community, its problems, and the motivations of people, yet fail at expressing anything close to empathy, instead taking pot shots at the community.

It is Impossible to have an "adult" conversation when you make no argument or suggestions. You are literally "against" instead of being "for" something. I don't think I'm asking too much of you to review your posts and ask yourself the following questions:
"Am I being constructive or destructive?"
"Am I communicating positively or negatively towards the community and people?"
"Am I being condescending or respectful of ideas and people?

You can critique without berating. You can point out problems and still be friendly. There is a time and place for anger, but you can express that anger without belittling the people around you.

If you want an adult conversation act like an adult. This post and a few others of yours come across to me like a bratty teen that exclaims the world is unfair, yelling "no no no!" instead of articulating your position, and how you think your position and path forward is better while respecting those of others.

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