Oddly, I agree too (DBO)

by Robot Chickens, Monday, January 22, 2018, 15:29 (2284 days ago) @ DEEP_NNN

Honestly, I don't know if the change is incredibly good or bad.

I see this forum as a place to post both positive and negative comments about the game and Bungie. I always hope Bungie sees my posts and considers changes. I know they check in here from time to time. I am a Destiny fan, not a Bungie fan. My comments have mostly been related to the game itself and when I see problems, I get cranky at Bungie. I've also give them kudos for good work.

I find elements of Destiny to be too difficult. That's an honest opinion. When I state that opinion here, I often get jumped on hard by this community. Which is the more negative, my comments or the replies to my comments?

Also, is this a community or just a forum? I don't post here just because Bungie might see it. It's also because some people I come across here are genuinely fine people and I consider their comments worthy of reading and sometimes a response. I might even want to play with people here.

Is this just a community of those who love Bungie no matter what? That would be too icky for me.

On one hand I sort of understand why forum changes are being implemented and on the other it makes no sense. I haven't seen the kind of cesspool I've seen elsewhere (I'd name a certain forum but I am genuinely afraid of drawing attention from that site).

As one of the people who does not understand the intensity of the negative posts these days, I don't plan on checking or unchecking any boxes. I appreciate the effort made to address this, but my problems really stem from not being on the same page as people and seeing the same negative opinions expressed ad nauseum. When critique changed to mockery, I think it changed something for me. I want to engage in critique etc, but I don't want to participate in the emergent tone of that criticism. That's why I was saying I am close to leaving. I wish other people engaged with a different tone, but I recognize that it comes down to me.

Honestly, I don't think anyone is served by cordoning off discussion and I worry about the politics of determining what counts as critique and what doesn't.

In any case, I appreciate the admin effort here to address the culture here, but I'm not sure there's a technical solution.

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