For what it's worth (DBO)

by Revenant1988 ⌂ @, How do I forum?, Monday, January 22, 2018, 17:00 (2308 days ago) @ Revenant1988

I don't agree with Korny that you and the other mods are (in his words) "pro-Destiny circle-jerk" ers .

And I also don't agree with Earendil all the way.

A forum NEEDS those kinds of clashing opinions and incendiary POVs, because the foster discussion and learning.

I've yet to see anyone here go "DESTINY SUCKS DESTINY SUCKS DESTINY SUCKS DESTINY SUCKS" repeatedly, without interruption, whenever they possibly can. I DO remember that bullshit happening on HBO, where a couple individuals would comment on nearly every single thread to shit on 343, regardless if it was relevant or added to this discussion. Strangely, those same individuals post much move civilly here, and they've made it clear they are't happy with Destiny 2 and Bungie.

But if this is going to be a forum where we even have the OPTION to filter out views and opinions different than our personally held ones, I'll have no part in it and this is where I get off.

It might as well be planet fitness and the dang lunk-alarms

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