Further clarification as requested (DBO)

by Xenos @, Shores of Time, Monday, January 22, 2018, 17:53 (2282 days ago) @ Xenos

TO further add to this - Xenos; Could you add further context in your post for how this decision was made. Not everyone frequents DBO, and as this post is the introduction of the feature, it would be nice to have in the first post. Because... you know. Communication. ;D

Honestly it's been an idea many of the admins have had and discussed in the past. Many of us and many people we know have stopped visiting DBO or backed off visiting more and more not because of how they feel about Destiny (1 or 2) but because of the incredibly vocal minority who post negative opinions on the forum. It's always heart breaking when a DBO member decides to leave because they do not feel they can discuss Destiny, the topic of the forum, without being bombarded by negativity, especially from a small percentage of the forum-goers. We've even brought it up before that people have left because of it and those individuals seems to not bat an eye at the revelation, pointing to it being Bungie's fault and not their own.

When Claude made his post, the CREATOR of a site that some of us have been visiting for 20 years, stating that he was thinking of passing on the reigns, not because he was getting old (sorry Claude ;) ) but because of the deluge of negativity we decided it was time to seriously consider implementing the feature.

The option is completely opt-in not opt-out. If people make no changes they will see every single post on the forum. However if some people wish to not see negativity on a forum where they want to discuss what they are doing in the game, or fan fiction, or videos, or gifs about Destiny, then I think we can make that possible without doing something ridiculous like banning the people who clearly want a place to discuss their problems with the game and/or Bungie.

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