Maybe a little confusion here (DBO)

by Claude Errera @, Tuesday, January 23, 2018, 12:21 (2280 days ago) @ Korny

Just gotta make sure that certain folks don't start abusing that (which, when it comes to something like 'criticism', this thread has shown that many people have different levels of interpretation for it).

You missed my point. If someone has the ABILITY to 'abuse' it, they can. That's the way this place runs. That's the way has ALWAYS run. If someone is given the keys to the outhouse, they can do whatever they like in there.

If someone has been given the keys, it means I trust they WON'T abuse it. This is something I haven't been wrong about (again, in 20 years of sites).

It just surprises me how many people complain about people complaining, without contributing any of the nice things that they want. That's a factor that drives people away as well, I'd wager.
I want to see more from those people.

Yeah... if you look closely, you'll find that one of the biggest 'complainers about complaints' is me. Like, by a mile.

I feel like I've done a few things to contribute, but maybe I'm fooling myself.

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