Initial impressions (warlock) (Destiny)

by slycrel ⌂, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 13:29 (2465 days ago) @ CyberKN

Pissed that they nerfed shoulder charge.

Guns feel less impactful.

Cool-downs feel way longer.

Agree with the lower 2 points, can't speak to shoulder charge. TTK is lower. 2-3 "trash" cabal on a full clip of a HK, 4-5 shots each. I might just be a bad shot, but almost killing guys was a thing in the tower.

I really liked the full auto scout in the energy category they gave me.

The exotic I tried was an arc sub-machinegun. It had the auto-reload on kill (I think) which was very nice, but felt like an auto-rifle mostly, and had short range.

I didn't love the solar warlock ability, though it might have just been disorienting the 2-3 times I used it. I really liked the new nova bomb better. Seemed to take a long time to charge up though.

I'm a fusion rifle guy, mixed feelings that my fusion was relegated to heavy. I hope they pack a bit more punch now, though on the mini-bosses they felt roughly the same. I think they can fit there, but may be a little under-powered. hard to tell for sure tho.

I expect we're also resetting a little and giving time in the next year or two to ramp back up some.

Seemed like crisper graphics and more attention to detail. More objects around, I like the new menuing changes.

impressed by the new "scoping" abilities that the psions displayed, fun and good mechanic.

Great lunch break, back to work until this evening. =)

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