Uh-Uh. (Destiny)

by Morpheus @, High Charity, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 11:51 (2460 days ago) @ CyberKN

I mean yeah, I probably did make it up. It's not like someone already posted a reply proving you wrong before you even made the argument.

Anyway, If they did do that, what would be the point? Crucible would look the same since 90% of players run other classes anyway. Since, ya know, they're stronger.

Dear sweet Jesus Christ on house arrest, you did not just say that.






All that is just off the top of my head, in DBO ALONE.

I don't even have time to comb through all the stuff on YouTube.

I'll let you handle that part.

Then I laughed until my throat was dry about your comment with Gunslingers. Gunslingers!? MAYBE Tripmine Grenades. What else? If you had at least said Stormcaller or Nightstalker, I would've actually taken you seriously. If it wasn't for Golden Gun, people would not even know that class even exists. Incineration Grenades only kill if the target is literally on top of it, Swarm is straight up laughable, Throwing Knife only kills if the target's already hurt, and every single perk on the tree is either for Golden Gun or the lame abilities.

Then you're telling me to git gud--sweetheart, you can't brag about your multiplayer stats, then whine about Titans being weakest—and then a Titan is your goddamn main. And your new backup. That's like trying to steal someone else's cake on top of your own, then trying to eat and penetrate them both simultaneously.

Oh, and here's your 90%--also from last night.

This is just a classic case of you just wanting it all. You got it in Destiny 1 (apparently without even realizing it), and you want to continue getting everything you want in D2.

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