For those talking about recharge rates (Destiny)

by CruelLEGACEY @, Toronto, Thursday, July 20, 2017, 14:53 (2553 days ago) @ Kermit

Original D1 recharge rates for grenade were 1:00, melee was 1:09. This was with Tier 0 and no perks that increase speeds. In D2 the recharge rate is 1:23 (from matches from last night I recorded) with no upgrades for both. There WILL be perks that affect this (in the DRE armor had perks that increased recharge rate, see this sheet transcribed from the DRE to see that there are perks for grenade, melee, super, and even class abilities. So as of right now the increased recharge rate is about 20%-33% longer. That's not really that bad. With armor perks giving us faster recharge rates and possibly even two charges (we know at least that Strikers get can dual lightning grenades from the Kostov gameplay) I think it'll be much more reasonable (though still slower than D1, which I'm 100% okay with).

Health recharge is about a second longer, according to Datto. Nothing to get upset about.

I wouldn't say I'm "upset", just disappointed. Xenos point that it isn't that much slower than D1 isn't particularly reassuring to me personally, because I thought combat in D1 was already way too slow and repetitive until you get close to max level. Even if the cooldowns were identical to the starting point in D1, I'd be disappointed because I was very much hoping that the combat elements of the initial campaign experience would be improved in D2, not go backwards.

It's a design philosophy that is a pet peeve of mine; create a combat system that is fun and diverse and exciting, then strip stuff away from it or impede the player's ability to use these mechanics and then slowly remove those impediments over time as a form of "investment mechanic". Destiny is far from the only game that does this obviously.

If the early portion of the campaign ends up playing similarly to the Beta, then I'm not going to enjoy it. I'll be able to go back and replay it once I'm fully levelled, and the mechanics will be more fun at that point, but I will already have experienced the content. It's loosely equivalent to being forced to play Halo CE on easy before being allowed to unlock higher difficulty levels. I don't enjoy Halo on easy, but Halo let's me jump straight into Legendary. That option doesn't exist in Destiny. (And I know that's not a 1-to-1 comparison for a bunch of reasons, but hopefully my meaning comes across :)

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