[Warlock Class/General comments] *Possible Spoilers* /long/ (Destiny)

by stabbim @, Des Moines, IA, USA, Friday, July 21, 2017, 08:36 (2458 days ago) @ Harmanimus

- Apparently hitting crouch while in the air makes you Glide? Did this happen in D1?

No, in D1 Glide was activated by hitting the jump button again, same as the other secondary jump abilities (blink, double jump, etc.). I haven't played the Beta yet, and this info is making me wonder if they've made crouch the button for secondary jump abilities on all characters? Or does the Voidwalker just happen to have some *other* secondary jump ability, which is on the jump button (relegating Glide to crouch)?

- Having a Melee that reduces the cool down on your Grenade is really one of the most useful things. It made me aggressively use my melee which was nice, but while it makes you feel more empowered the Beta cool downs are still like sludge.

I (almost) always used that on my Voidwalker in D1. Glad to hear it's still an option.

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