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by Kermit @, Raleigh, NC, Thursday, July 27, 2017, 17:11 (2461 days ago) @ Cody Miller

Just like when making a film, you can't have perfect foresight or a perfect plan. You get better ideas after you've started creating content, and at some point practical considerations come into play regarding how much content you can ditch and when you can start over. Bungie absolutely is not starting from scratch--they have established a universe, and some elements they've decided to keep while throwing away others. We agree it would've been cool to come into the Tower as it was and have the game start. Would the benefit have been worth the effort to pull that off? Maybe, but I don't know the technical challenges (and I don't think you do either). In my mind I thought you were also suggesting they build out sections of the city of have us involved in more actions to enhance the loss, but maybe you didn't say that. It's easy to ask for the sky, man. Harder to deliver. Bungie has a good track record of improving their games and learning from their mistakes (IMHO), so I'm hopeful that their foresight and planning is much better now, and just the tenor of the podcasts and interviews encourages me on that score.

I mean, yeah. If we are really supposed to be in invested, we absolutely should have been able to go into the city before it burned down. You posted the screen from Star Wars… we spend 20 minutes of the films runtime getting to know what he loses. Your point about benefit and effort is exactly what I'm trying to point out. Because we never did it in Destiny, we should have done it in Des2ny. Even if only in a cutscene.

Rise of the Guardians was scrapped when it was 3/4 done and completely redone. The only reason Dreamworks allowed it was that it was an animated movie, done entirely in computers… "reshooting" didn't mean reshooting.

I continue to think that you underestimate how hard it is to make great video games. I recently listened to a commentary about Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons. The main guy who led that team had been a filmmaker with several feature films under this belt. He said making a video game was much, much harder than anything else he had done. I believe it.

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