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Played a bunch yesterday, wasn't too shocked at anything, but the one thing I'm having trouble describing is how the game looks and feels different than Destiny 1.

Something about the geometry and feedback doesn't seem quite...right. The geometry/colors almost remind me of Halo 5 more than Destiny. It's harder to tell exactly what is happening when you are shooting enemies, but I can't seem to identify what feedback mechanisms are missing or changed. Destiny 1 seemed very precise to me, but the D2 Beta seems "slimy" - to use the first word that popped into my head while playing the strike for the first time. I don't know how to relate that to specific differences.

Did anyone else notice something similar?

OH MY GOODNESS! This was in essence the graphic reservations I've formentioned.

For EXAMPLE, and only for example - I'm not going to talk about it yet. I have some reservations and concerns about Destiny 2 visuals. I expect I have these because I have some of that know how and trained eye. Yet it would be FOOLISH to say anything now, as all I have to go off of are trailers. What I see could be because of the nature of a beta, or it could be a world look that I am unaware of, or it could be resolution I watch something at... or... something else. I don't know. It's too early to say.

I posted this 8 days ago. Seeing I'm not alone in this, I'll allow a peek at my thoughts. After all, we are hands on now, so why not.

At first thought, this "look" is strictly Nessus. The HUGE use of bold White,Red,Green, and Black gives it a very Halo 5-ish look. Going through the Tower, which currently you can only do once per empty slot, I didn't have the same as strong impression.

Halo 5 looked as it did because of cost cutting measure toward the frame rate. For them 60FPS was #1, and everything else was secondary. I recall reading something that really went into detail about it, I'll see if I can find it. Anyway, I'm thinking for the REALLY big spaces there may be so of those Halo 5 Shenanigans so that we can have that vastness, with AI, and particles (which I'm noticing a lot more GPU based particles), and all the little bits and bobs the makes things look as they do.

Things to look for - Note how lights look on surfaces. How is it shaded? I'm really interested right now in the new look of the Servitors. In the past the biggest effect about them was the emissive fresnel angle A.K.A how the light you see reflects at different intensities based off of the angle you are viewing it from. Except...you know...glowing. They always had this sort of glow to them more often then not. Now - It's right glossy instead of the mat finish it had before. I have a few guesses on the method used, but I still don't know. Part of the fun through.

Also how quickly do things degrade in visual quality into the distance? This may be harder for you to see unless you know what to look for, so look for things kind of dissolving away in quality. That's the best direction I can think of right now.

There is probably some other things, but that's what I got at the top of my head right now.

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