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by Harmanimus @, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 00:10 (2463 days ago) @ Harmanimus

As I slowly work my way through the other characters content please note I don't PvP with Hunters or Warlocks much at all in D1 because I generally found it less enjoyable unless I was doing it just for funsies. So, this all comes from running the campaign mission and strike a few times.

- Feels infinitely better to me than Bladedancer ever did, as movement is not as choppy or erratic. The super was nice in that it would hit multiple targets and was much better at group clearing. Overall this feels like a good replacement.
- Grenades feel like throwing firework snappers or like party poppers.
- The Gambler's Dodge/Charged Melee combo works pretty well and is a nice little skilled dance. The available melee triggers on kill, so you reliably get your dodge back.
- Dodging makes you do crazy flips. And felt more effective for changing direction than running.

- 97 second cool down on the throwing knife is infinitely more irritating when you accidentally throw it because someone killed the guy next to you.
- Chains of Woe is neat in that you have a light support ability for hunters, similar to the Sentinel being able to heal/shield nearby friendlies.
- The six shooter super is neat, but I ended up just saving it to pop all six shots into the boss or a sub-boss. Did not feel like it did reliable enough damage to clear adds. Maybe if it also had Keyhole built in.
- I used Gambler's dodge here and it definitely felt like it allowed me to keep the damage going, but might have been more useful to get more exploding knives.

And indirectly related, the best part of running a Hunter in the D2 Beta: Sunshot. Definitely the stand out of the available exotics. It was great for clearing squishy groups, especially the warhound things. Saved multiple wipes with jumping around and chaining the explosions. It felt a lot like Fatebringer, though I preferred Fatebringer without explosive rounds, this has the same mildly inconsistent feeling I think explosive rounds always gives. Definitely a fun hand cannon though.

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