Slower [Titan Class comments] (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Tuesday, July 18, 2017, 14:25 (2411 days ago) @ dogcow

My first impression is that the game feels much slower. This might also be due to not having played Destiny in a couple months (after completing the AoT book) and have been playing Titanfall 2 for competitive play.

However, I will qualify that with the fact that playing also feels almost half full. Like you can really tell there are going to be things that make you more powerful in the shipping game. Either through perks in gear/mods or exotic synergies. Abilities recharge really slow and I do consider that a detriment in its current form. Most abilities feel like they were nerfed while supers got buffed, but then the cooldowns are so slow. I can't imagine the cooldowns will stay this slow when it ships.

I've been rolling a Titan and this is what I have to say relative to the sublasses as available:

- The super is a little confusing at first. You have quite a few controls with it. Throwing the shield is on a recharge, and I couldn't figure out how to pick which melee to do, but that may just be a learning curve and having used it about twice. Would benefit from a better tool tip.
- Accidentally activating Ward of Dawn is actually surprisingly easy to do.
- The melee is the focus of this tree. And it seems to work well with the overall synergy. Didn't get a feel for how close friendlies have to be to benefit from the overshield.
- Didn't notice any real change to melee damage, but improved reload speed with the overshield was nice.

- Fists of Havoc makes for a much more exciting experience. For the D1 subclass with one of the most disappointing supers, the nerf to AoE and making it a roaming/shoulder charging super is great. Could also benefit from an improved tool tip.
- Shoulder charge is now your melee ability, so it works on charges. Seems powerful in PvE, given that it also gains an AoE discharge that helps stagger groups. Obviously limited by the ridiculously low ability recharging.
- Getting grenade energy from using your melee motivates you to use it and getting a second grenade charge as a class perk is nice. But that second charge feels like it takes literally forever.
- The not!Aftermath perk is neat, but I don't know how well the in-air aiming will work. If Helm of Inmost makes a return that could be great for boss supering.

Overall? Everything feels a little under powered. I feel like scout rifles should have larger magazines and both Kinetic and Energy slots need way more reserve ammo than you have given how infrequent ammo drops seem. Also the strike boss will knock your ammo bricks out of the field and you lose that ammo. Which is irksome to say the least.

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