Eh. (Destiny)

by Claude Errera @, Thursday, August 03, 2017, 14:06 (2457 days ago) @ Morpheus

Listen to RC, this is what I'm talking about.

Whether he's standing still or walking forward or what the hell ever, the rest of you are glossing over the elephant in the room--the fact that after ceasing to sprint and firing the shotgun he did not have to sprint another 1.5 to 2 seconds to activate a shoulder charge; he activated a shoulder charge while NOT SPRINTING.

Get it?

Doesn't look like he was sprinting at all (Before or after the kill.) He jumped in, performed the glitch unoudid pointed out a few weeks ago, which involves starting sprint, shoot, slide, melee... then jumped away. This is a perfect example of that glitch - it doesn't make the Striker totally overpowered, since most players have no clue how to do this. It's like BXR, in a way. (Well, more people could do BXR than this glitch, I'd say.)

Whatever - it's a glitch, and I'd guess it would have been patched if we weren't near the EOL of D1. It's not an example of an overpowered subclass.

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