[Additional PvE comments] (Destiny)

by Harmanimus @, Saturday, July 22, 2017, 01:08 (2559 days ago) @ Harmanimus

So, I've run the strike probably 30 times now. I've been trying a lot of different things. I do acknowledge some things are already identified as changinged/changing. But as the state of the Beta goes:

- I am really not encouraged by power weapons in PvE at all, and that is a problem. I have been mostly running Scathelocke, Minuet, and the Tarantula. Auto, Hand Cannon, Linear Fusion. Boss Damage comparisons as follows:
Scathelocke deals 71 precision damage per round, at 45 rounds for 3195 total potential damage per magazine.
Minuet does 281 precision per round, at 10 that means 2810 potential.
Tarantula deals 843. So with 4 rounds that is 3372.
- This makes me feel totally underpowered with my power weapon as an anti-boss tool. It is great for clearing some of the beefier adds, but with its charge time, etc., i am better of unloading 3 shots from the Minuet or a sustained 12 round burst from Scathelocke.
- When you consider how all weapons perform on other enemies (Scathelock seems to do approximately 2.5 times damage with precision hits, for example) it feels really anemic, and then you get 4 more rounds in reserve.

I am really, really hoping that the damage potential for Power weapons is better than a 5-20% increase per magazine. If it's not then power ammo is relegated to add clearing, and that totally misses what i would consider the power fantasy for those weapons types. I look forward to the shipping game being better about this, but won't hold my breath too hard.

Would love to see some Beta feedback notes from some folks on the Dev Team for what they are focused on to tweak or what other concerns may have been rectified already. I heard about more ammo drops (though that doesn't fix minimal reserve ammo) and about increased damage from abilities. I don't remember if there has been talk about PvE weapon tuning yet.

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