It appears that each class always has the same loadout. (Destiny)

by slycrel ⌂, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 13:16 (2469 days ago) @ dogcow

So you can delete and replay at will if you're so inclined. It's not ideal but I think PvP and network/loadtesting is the point of this for Bungie.

I like the direction of the story, but there isn't much "new" other than details of what we've already heard about, other than trying out PvP. There have been videos of the single player stuf more or less for a while now.

I took today off to play with my son. Unfortunately he was done with it in an hour or so as he doesn't like PvP and the strike is tuned for more advanced players -- he tried it, got friustrated after dying at the end of almost killing the boss a couple times and was done with it.

I'm undecided. Definitely will play and like D2. I feel like the hype was larger than the beta this time though.

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