So, how is it? (Destiny)

by CommandrCleavage @, USA-Midwest, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 06:31 (2414 days ago) @ dogcow

Was able to get right in last night once I got home from work. No glitching, no long loading times and no connectivity problems.

No problems at all with opening mission other than feeling dizzy at parts. I think this was from the movements of the fire and trying to look at things/for enemies at the same time. It was a lot for my eyes to take in and I was having to force them to be ok with it.

I liked that the opening part with Zavala was a common area, I didn't expect that and was mildly confused about what was going on till I was able to rez a few people.

Once I finished with the main part I went right into Inverted Spire. This was not enjoyable, I did this with rando's who left me right at the beginning when all I wanted to do was take it slow and look around. Lesson learned, play with friends, duh.

They left me in the dust and by the time I caught up there was barely anything left to kill. Except for Cabal dogs, lots of cabal dogs. I like killing these they're scrappy and fight back.

Got to the boss and almost had him beat twice before we got mowed down each time. Teammates left because I suck so I stopped for the evening. Back at it again tonight. Also, boss is soooo close to Atheon looking it made my heart hurt. Can we please make something cooler than geometric shiny tank man.

Overall impression, please tone down things on fire, it hurts my eyes. I like that there's kinda a story...kinda...I mean like Gary is trying to take our shiny ball and go home and we don't want him to because it's our ball. So yeah, fingers crossed it gets a little more in depth. I played Gunslinger last night so I will play poledancer tonight. I didn't care for bladedancer much let's see if this is any smoother.

I dislike how slow cool downs are, I am hoping this is just a beta thing and it's not going to be that long in the game depending on what you have selected as your strengths.

I liked some of the new areas, I liked seeing the tower destroyed, and I liked the smooth sync with other live players in the beginning, more of that, it was excellent.

I didn't get to play crucible last night but I don't like 4x4. I want my 6x6 back. I'll play it out a little bit tonight, i'll still play but I hope they open up larger teams in the future.

I liked a couple new varieties of enemies with the cabal dogs and the cabal with the blades. More of that please.

Going to play more tonight and looking forward to the full game when it comes out. Not wow'd yet but not unhappy.

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