You can change your loadout (Destiny)

by Kahzgul, Wednesday, July 19, 2017, 21:10 (2465 days ago) @ slycrel

Each class is "pre-set" but you can change how it's spec'd and swap weapons right from the get-go. I've only played hunter so far, but Arcstrider and Gunslinger are both available. Some perks are fixed (gunslinger gets 6 shots but shorter duration, for example), but others are selectable: Do you want your hunter dodge to automatically reload your gun or automatically reset the cooldown on your melee and extend its range for a short time? Which grenade type do you want (arcstrider has blade dancer grenades, fyi - gunslinger grenades are unchanged)? Jump mode?

And they start you out with a bunch of guns so you can play around a bit without needing loot drops.

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